The New Beginning – dir. Tanja Simonovska

Original Film Title: The New Beginning

Director’s Name: Tanja Simonovska

Writer’s Name: Tanja Simonovska

Producer: Tanja Simonovska

Country of Origin: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Country of Filming: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Language: Macedonian

Runtime: 18 minutes

Film Description:

“Тhe New Beginning” (18:00 min.) is a film by Tanja Simonovska. It’s adopted screenplay, based on a true events. Tells the story about the life of a young girl – artist, juggler on a hula hoop Anna, her risking and movement to the capital city, searching for a job and place for living. Her desperation on the cold weather leads her to happy and extremely dangerous places.

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