War 2022 – according to Nostradamus – dir. Shihyun Wang

Original Film Title: War 2022 – according to Nostradamus

Director’s Name: Shihyun Wang

Writer’s Name: Shihyun Wang

Producer: Shihyun Wang

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan, United States

Language: English

Runtime: 33 minutes

Film Description:

Nostradamus foretold in chilling details when, how and what may happen to Ukraine war and our world. Found in 2 clusters with total of 15 predictions. The hot war maybe over soon, but the effects would change our lives.

ORIGIN – dir. Vicente Moctezuma

Original Film Title: ORIGIN

Director’s Name: Vicente Moctezuma

Writer’s Name: Troy Hart

Producer: Vicente Moctezuma

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 24 minutes 55 seconds

Film Description:

The world is turning the end its near people are getting sick with a highly contagious virus of unknown origin that turns people in to aggressive killers.

Ancient Lover – dir. Banjii & Mayuri

Original Film Title: Ancient Lover

Director’s Name: Banjii & Mayuri

Writer’s Name: Banjii & Mayuri

Producer: Banjii & Mayuri

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 45 seconds

Film Description:

Banjii is a musician from the mountains of Georgia, USA and Mayuri is a dancer and business strategy expert from Pune, India. They are currently on tour in the USA recording and releasing music videos that capture the essence of different parts of the country.

House of the Unholy – dir. Daniel Merlot

Original Film Title: House of the Unholy

Director’s Name: Daniel Merlot

Writer’s Name: Daniel Merlot, Michael Laburt, Oso Jackson

Producer: Daniel Merlot

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Thailand

Language: English

Runtime: 15 minutes

Film Description:

A blood thirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders for the immortal elixir inside his heart that will grant her the power to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity!

A Life of Freddy Nietzsche – dir. Ilkka Ilmari Levä

Original Film Title: Une Vie de de Frédéric Nietzsche

Director’s Name: Ilkka Ilmari Levä

Writer’s Name: Ilkka Ilmari Levä

Country of Origin: Finland

Country of Filming: Finland

Language: French

Runtime: 7 minutes 28 seconds

Film Description:

A private professor gives a lecture and then something changes drastically.
But is it a threat or an opportunity?

Waiting For Nicko – dir. Howard Perry

Original Film Title: Waiting For Nicko

Director’s Name: Howard Perry

Writer’s Name: Howard Perry

Producer: Howard Perry

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 19 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description:

Contemporary Thriller. Nicko is late. Is he too late?

Pryaniy – dir. Anton Ryumin

Original Film Title: Пряный

Director’s Name: Anton Ryumin

Writer’s Name: Anton Ryumin

Producer: Anastasia Grundmane, Anton Ryumin

Country of Origin: Latvia

Country of Filming: Latvia

Language: Russian

Runtime: 6 minutes 12 seconds

Film Description:

In the center of the plot is the director – Pryaniy, who is also the leading actor in the once popular theatre, which is going through hard times. Trying to save the theatre he invites a young eccentric film actor, hoping to attract the audience once again.

A Gift For All Ages – dir. Russell Webb

Original Film Title: A Gift For All Ages

Director’s Name: Russell Webb, Alicia Wszelaki

Writer’s Name: Matthew Nothelfer, Alicia Wszelaki

Producer: Alicia Wszelaki, Russell Webb

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 34 minutes 58 seconds

Film Description:

A brand new “Golden Age of Hollywood” classic film about life, love, and, Christmas!

A cheerful stranger invades the home of a frustrated author and his wife. The odd fellow heartens a timeless gift for generations.

The New Beginning – dir. Tanja Simonovska

Original Film Title: The New Beginning

Director’s Name: Tanja Simonovska

Writer’s Name: Tanja Simonovska

Producer: Tanja Simonovska

Country of Origin: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Country of Filming: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Language: Macedonian

Runtime: 18 minutes

Film Description:

“Тhe New Beginning” (18:00 min.) is a film by Tanja Simonovska. It’s adopted screenplay, based on a true events. Tells the story about the life of a young girl – artist, juggler on a hula hoop Anna, her risking and movement to the capital city, searching for a job and place for living. Her desperation on the cold weather leads her to happy and extremely dangerous places.

Uncut – dir. Mark Hensley

Original Film Title: Uncut

Director’s Name: Mark Hensley

Writer’s Name: Mark Hensley, Peggy Lewis

Producer: Mark Hensley

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Canada, United States

Language: English

Runtime: 19 minutes

Film Description:

After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babies with birth defects down, Jamie decides to flee to Canada on the eve of his 35th birthday.