R.L Allman’s Peter Pan – dir. Ronald Lee Allman

Original Film Title: R.L Allman’s Peter Pan

Director’s Name: Ronald Lee Allman

Writer’s Name: Ronald Lee Allman, Alex May

Producer: Claire Fontana, Rex Wheeler

Country of Origin: USA

Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 25 minutes

Film Description:

With a dark, whimsical twist, we retell the story of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. In this live-action modern version, San Francisco stands in as Neverland and we introduce Peter before his conflict with Hooke and take you on a wild ride around the gritty city of Neverland. You will meet the Lost Boys, Peter’s Street Gang, and many of your favorite Neverland characters, including a totally reimagined Tinker Bell. She still has wings and an attitude but is way more fabulous.

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