As before, I didn’t do anything – dir. Jinyoung Park

Original Film Title: As before, I didn’t do anything

Director’s Name: Jinyoung Park

Writer’s Name: Jinyoung Park

Producer: Jinyoung Park

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Country of Filming: Korea, Republic of

Language: Krean, English

Runtime: 16 minutes 48 seconds

Film Description:

I experienced a death, a disease and a low point in a relationship, all around the same time. When these unbearable pains happened, I simply swallow them, unprepared, or at least I thought I did. But those memories translated into feelings and broke me into little fragments. Thelife as I knew it – relationships, memories, facial expressions and expressions – all fell apart. To be honest, I haven’t done anything about it until now. I have never tried to discuss or express it. I am still trapped in that time. Now, I intend to pull myself out of the past. I want to face myself still stuck in that time.

Park presents archives of unexpected past occurrences that happened around the same time, in separate yet similar tracks with some overlaps.

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