The UNINTENDED JOURNEY – dir. Ayo (Hsin-Yu in Chinese) Liu

Original Film Title: 使者之路

Director’s Name: Ayo (Hsin-Yu in Chinese) Liu

Writer’s Name: Bettina Yang

Producer: Bettina Yang

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Denmark, France, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 1 hour 9 minutes 21 seconds

Film Description:

THE UNINTENDED JOURNEY tells the story behind a forgotten professor who transformed international relations during his oversea missions for Taiwan. He rose from a high school teacher to the architect of a national university in education, but service to his adopted homeland Taiwan placed him in unexpected situations on the world stage that led to a life of adventure he never intended. The Speaker of the Danish Parliament calls him a close friend. The Thai Foreign Minister went on secret missions with him to the Middle East. When ethnic bias and power rifts overshadowed his journey, he forged ahead in education, even founding Chinese language schools in countries where they were banned. This first documentary by Taiwanese Director Ayo Liu, highlights dimensions of humanity of a forgotten emissary, the missions he built from Europe to Asia, and the ordinary lives he touched along the journey with extraordinary stories…

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