Which God Can Forgive Us – dir. Linsheng Wu

Original Film Title: Which God Can Forgive Us

Director’s Name: Linsheng Wu

Writer’s Name : Linsheng Wu, Siyan Chen

Producer: Haoran Zhang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 38 minutes 8 seconds

Film Description:

By chance, Li Ming learns about young eviction victim He Ying and approaches the seemingly reclusive and taciturn He Ying with ulterior motives. At the beginning, He Ying was resistant, but gradually goes from avoiding to accepting Li Ming into his life. One day after dinner, the two discover that they are both silently fighting the same terminal disease, so they open up to each other and become like brothers. Just as He Ying’s life gradually gets back on track, Li Ming’s condition takes a turn for the worse and passes away, and He Ying spirals into a breakdown because of the loss of his best friend.

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