Tomorrow, An Animated Film About Climate Change – dir. Mohammad Shihab Uddin

Original Film Title: Tomorrow, an animated film about climate change

Director’s Name: Mohammad Shihab Uddin

Writer’s Name : Ahmed Khan Hirok, Nasimul Hasan

Producer: Kazi Zahin Hasan, Kazi Zeeshan Hasan

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Country of Filming: Bangladesh

Language: English

Runtime: 25 minutes 27 seconds

Film Description:

Ratul, a young boy in Bangladesh, is magically shown two very different visions of the future. In the first scenario, Bangladesh has been inundated by rising sea levels, causing great suffering; in the second scenario, fossil fuels have been replaced by renewable energy, and Bangladesh is prosperous.

The purpose of this film is to teach children about fossil fuels and climate change.

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