Past Future Mountain – dir. Mariia Lukianchuk

Original Film Title: Past Future Mountain

Director’s Name: Mariia Lukianchuk

Writer’s Name : Mariia Lukianchuk

Producer: Mariia Lukianchuk

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Country of Filming: Ukraine

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 15 minutes 48 seconds

Film Description:

The film takes us into a fairy tale world at the intersection of real and dreamlike, inner and outer, personal and global, past and future; the world of the Carpathian Gutsul culture. The mountains speak, urging the protagonist to go on a quest, and the mountain’s spirits intervene in human destiny.
The heroine of the film, Marichka, needs to face and overcome her fears to become the narrator of the fairy tale. Only then can she change the destiny of a young man, who fell from the top of the mountain, and that of a social group that has decided to close their eyes to avoid collective fear.

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