URBAN ART Tribute – dir. Cid Travaglia

Original Film Title: URBAN ART Tribute

Director’s Name: Cid Travaglia

Writer’s Name: Cid Travaglia

Producer: Cid Travaglia

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, Swaziland

Language: English

Runtime: 4 minutes 17 seconds

Film Description:

Filmed and crafted by NAPALMA’s Cid Travaglia across twelve countries for eight years, diving into the street art universe and showing a special selection of Street Art and Graffiti from international artists.

The song ‘Urban Art’ is the voice of the people that appreciates Graffiti and Street Art, and NAPALMA speaks in their name to express our gratitude to the Artists, for making the cities more colorful, political, exciting and soulful, touching people’s life day by day.

‘Urban Art’ is an uplifting song with a driving Tech House base, beautiful synth melodies with catchy vocal lines from Senegalese Abass Ndiaye, and pulsing percussions including djembe and recycled instruments.

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