Rosa – dir. Pete Schilling

Original Film Title: Rosa

Director’s Name: Pete Schilling

Writer’s Name: Pete Schilling

Producer: Pete Schilling, Tim Ohly

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: English

Runtime: 11 minutes 23 seconds

Film Description:

While a white, middle-aged man wakes up in the basement of an isolated house with no memory, he meets his black warden who helps him discover the reason why he is imprisoned.

GEORGE THOMPSON is standing in front of a locked door, slamming against the door. He is devastated and after 2-3 additional knocks, he stops and starts strolling through the almost empty room. How long has he been there? Who captured him? He can’t remember.

His thoughts are interrupted by a person saying his name on the other side of the door: “George. How are you?“. It’s the voice of TRAVIS ANDERSON. He is not the cold-blooded serial killer, that we thought he were. As the conversation progresses, we learn that Travis’ sister is in a coma. George is being accused of having tried to rape and beaten her. He denies the accusations, but we cannot be sure that he is telling the truth. Travis doesn’t want him to get away because he doesn’t trust in the police. He attacks George orally and tells him to give him a reason to believe in his innocence.

George firstly doesn’t know what to say and is trying to make sense of all this. His mind is running wild on how to escape this situation. Again he goes through his pockets to look for cues before Travis makes his final resolution.