More Than I Can Say – Frances Feng

Original Film Title: More Than I Can Say

Director’s Name: Frances Feng

Writer’s Name: Frances Feng

Producer: Vincent Liu

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China, Korea, Republic of

Language: Chinese, Korean

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Film Description:

Xin Cheng, a young boy with autism, cannot communicate normally and even accidentally injured his mother Xin Jian. Faced with massive social and professional pressure, Xin Jian insists on searching high and low for a good environment for her son. She leaves the city, gives up her high-paying job, and brings Xin Cheng to a special needs school in a small seaside city, but it turns out to be disappointing. In the process, she goes through all the hardships that autistic children and their families can experience. Though the two still cannot communicate, the love and acceptance the mother and son express for each other is deeper and more profound than any “I love you” could be.

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