Coactors – dir. RAMESH VARMA

Original Film Title: Coactors

Director’s Name: RAMESH VARMA

Writer’s Name: RAMESH VARMA

Producer: Pallippuram Sajith

Country of Origin: India

Country of Filming: India

Language: Malayalam

Runtime: 8 minutes 59 seconds

Film Description:

The song belongs to a genre called “Padam”, which is deployed for traditional dance forms like Mohinattam and Kathakali. In which the lady pines for her beloved anxiously, she recalls the blissful times they had spent together. The lady’s message of love is shared with her maid-in-waiting or “Sakhi” (lady friend).

The lyrical love song ‘Ravine’, playing the background, is laced with subtle strokes of eroticism, melodiously touching upon the pain of a lover’s separation from her beloved one.

A flashback in the film takes us to the beginning at the Kalari, training school, where they are provided rigorous training. In addition to getting their bodies toned to sustain the physical challenges of this dance-drama form, to their first act together as lovers, to when they grow up and enact the erotic rasa on stage

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