The Babylon Gardens – dir. Karim Moussa

Original Film Title: The Babylon Gardens

Director’s Name: Karim Moussa

Writer’s Name: Henry Winchester, Christine Kamal, Hagar Solemy

Producer’s Name: Youssef Wally

Country of Origin: Egypt

Country of Filming: Egypt

Language: English

Runtime: 12 minutes

Film Description:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a true jewel of the ancient Middle Eastern Sumerian history—but behind their beauty lurks a captivating power. When a fierce uprising brews, the fate of the gardens hangs in the balance as one of their rulers, a conceited nobleman who was overtaken by his lust for possession and power, pouring his cruelty and malice to dominate, banishes his own son accusing him of betrayal. Between being vengeful, following the same path of his father, or merciful lay a real inner battle for the outcast son.