In Our Own Little World dir. MASASHI KOMURA

Original Film Title: In Our Own Little World

Director’s Name: MASASHI KOMURA



Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 54 minutes

Film Description:

There are two classes are being held in the same room in a multi-
tenant building in Tokyo, one the same day.
Enomoto (35), a former police officer, who is holding a class which teaches women how to protect themselves from molesters and muggers, called “Enomoto Self-Defense Class”,
Tachibana (40), a former CA, who is holding a class which teaches approach techniques to men who are passive in romance, called “Mrs Tachibana’s Love Learning Class”.
One day, Maiko Sakurai (20) tries out the “Enomoto Self-Defense Class” and decides to officially join, as she has long felt the necessity for women to become physically independent.
On the other hand, Masaru Shimoda (28), who has been attending the “Mrs Tachibana’s Love learning Class” for three years.
Masaru sees Maiko at the timing when she finished her class and Masaru’s lesson about to start, and falls in love with her at first sight.Masaru confesses to the instructor, Tachibana, that he likes someone and he receives advice from Tachibana to “You need to put your self in your target’s shoes.”
Masaru joins the women-only “Enomoto Self-Defense School” with a fake reason in order to get closer to Maiko.That day, Maiko asks him to be her practice partner. That sudden closeness between Maiko and Masaru leads to an incident.
It is something that the man had no choice but to do.

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