The Boy With The Book Under His Arm -dir. Simone Menin

Original Film Title: The Boy With The Book Under His Arm

Director’s Name: Simone Menin

Writer’s Name: Paolo Scarpelli

Producer’s Name: Juri Fantigrossi

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Germany, Italy

Language: English, German, Italian

Runtime: 1 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds

Film Description:

Nildo Menin was only 19 when he was taken from his home country and put on a train, destination unknown. October 7, 1943. Nildo had recently reported for duty with the Carabinieri Force. That morning, he was summoned to the barracks for what turned out to be an ambush, He and his comrades were arrested and forced on a train by the SS. After a 14-day in extremely harsh conditions, the train stopped at a prison camp called Moosburg. Italian Military Internees, that is how the Nazis called them.