Sleeping Warrior – dir. Janet Wells, Mwaura Timothy

Original Film Title: Sleeping Warrior

Director’s Name: Janet Wells, Mwaura Timothy

Producer’s Name: Nina Ruiz, Janet Wells

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Country of Filming: Canada, Kenya

Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

‘Sleeping Warrior’ is a feature documentary about the first female African Lacrosse team. We follow these young women from their homes in Kenya to the World Championships in Canada and see how an unimaginable opportunity transforms their humble lives. From getting their first passports, to discovering how their friends and families react , we learn how the power of sport changes these young women. There is heartbreak, joy and always strength of spirit.

During the course of filming, one player discovered that her deceased mother might be alive after all, so we follow her dramatic journey to find her real family. The title comes from a mountain the girls train under in Kenya called ‘Sleeping Warrior’ and these young women are so strong, yet have been oppressed their whole lives, they are truly warriors.

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