Yí (Endless River) – dir. Karin Porley von Bergen

Original Film Title: Yí (El río que no se corta)

Director’s Name: Karin Porley von Bergen

Writer’s Name: Karin Porley von Bergen

Producer’s Name: Arauco Hernández

Country of Origin: Uruguay

Country of Filming: Uruguay

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 11 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description:

Marcus returns to his father´s place still processing a fight that pushed him away from home for some time. He finds his father weaker. The family has lost its balance. Father and son do not know how to deal with it. On his way to take up the work with his father´s beehives, Marcos has an encounter that makes him perceive the scope of the river that nourishes the deepest conflicts with the people closest to him.

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