The Border of Death – dir. Cătălin Apostol

Original Film Title: Granița Morții

Director’s Name: Cătălin Apostol

Writer’s Name: Cătălin Apostol

Producer’s Name: Marius Th. Barna, Avram Iclozan

Country of Origin: Romania

Country of Filming: Romania

Language: Romanian

Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes 32 seconds

Film Description:

A shocking testimony of the times when Romania was a great prison, fenced with barbed wire and guarded by indoctrinated border guards to be ready at any time to machine-gun the dream of freedom of any reckless who would dare to escape the absurdity of communist dictatorship.

This is the true story of some people humiliated, beaten, tortured, in an era marked by extreme fear, lies and alienation.

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