Songbirds – dir. Dagan Beckett

Original Film Title: Songbirds

Director’s Name: Dagan Beckett

Writer’s Name: Dagan W. Beckett, David Davidson, Irv Berner

Producer’s Name: Irv Berner, David Davidson, Dagan W. Beckett

Country of Origin:United States

Country of Filming: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 60 minutes 4 seconds

Film Description:

The Songbirds guitar museum hosted the world’s largest collection of vintage guitars. Covid-19’s devastating blow to the music industry forced the museum to permanently close. This documentary film explores the final hours and cultural impact of this special collection.

Songbirds has been nominated for a 2022 EMMY in the category of Best “Topical” Documentary.

“It never drags and imparts the passions of all the participants and the musicians. It is a tragedy that many will only find out that this beautiful place existed only after it is gone, but that is how history works.” – Film Threat Review

“I can’t believe I never got to this place when it was open. People have got to see this film. How can I help?” – Jason Momoa