Smoking – dir. Luisa Gherdaoui

Original Film Title: Smoking

Director’s Name: Luisa Gherdaoui

Writer’s Name: Luisa Gherdaoui

Producer’s Name: Alors on Tourne Asbl

Country of Origin: Belgium

Runtime: 11 minutes 10 seconds

Film Description:

“I like cigarettes”, says a creed by this woman whose name we do not know but who smokes compulsively.
We understand that there is a police investigation to find out the killer of this innocence or nonchalance.
Dance of death with its addictions including self-image, narcissism, alcohol and cigarettes.
La cigarette who is the lover who will lead this young woman to illness, as if for a voluntary suicide.
Attention danger, but at the same time everything seems very pleasant, fluid, because this dancer with black stilettos is anesthetized by flowers, alcohol and pseudo-success.

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