Skin/Out – dir. Enzo Coluccio

Original Film Title: Skin/Out

Creator and Performer: Gloria Dorliguzzo

Director’s Name: Enzo Coluccio

Producer’s Name: Enzo Coluccio

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Runtime: 9 minutes

Film Description:

Skin/out presents an aesthetical reflection on the themes of threshold and rebirth. To re- turn to the world and to make oneself into the world are the experiences here identified in the organic support of the skin, in its mutation, its developing itself and constructing space, after appearing from an unknown darkness.
Skin is what defines the boundary that separate each subject from their environment: the idea of replacing it coincides with an attempt to adopt a new form, one that is more suitable to its surroundings.
This process undergoes a phase in which old and new coexist, adhering to one another; crystallized and dry, strewn with cracks, the fractured skin becomes an organic drapery. A drapery that is made up of kombucha, a macroscopic solid mass that has the ability to produce an organic membrane, with which it attempts to entirely cover the surface of the water that hosts it. By doing so it creates a habitat around itself, a uterine cavity, and becomes the guardian of its own microclimate.
The performer Gloria Dorliguzzo, through the interactions with this barrier, turns the need for a personal revolution into something concrete, materic and viscous. She resembles a Nymph, as fluid as those described by Didi-Huberman, though here depicted inside a bathtub, in an anonymous bathroom: another threshold, which becomes an uncanny the- ater where this transformative urgency manifests through silence and brutality – opposites poles that officiate every metamorphosis.

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