SIGNS OF LIFE – dir. Marko Nikolić

Original Film Title: SIGNS OF LIFE

Director’s Name: Marko Nikolić

Writer’s Name: Marko Nikolić

Producer’s Name: Nebojsa Miljković

Country of Origin: Serbia

Country of Filming: Serbia

Language: Serbian

Runtime: 34 minutes

Film Description:

SIGNS OF LIFE is a film that reaches out for the stories behind long-abandoned hotels in Serbia, told by their former employees. Through combination of visual and historical narrative elements, we discover that these once crowded premises still show signs of life. As these rotting buildings are bravely struggling for air, their destiny reveals itself to be a metaphor for the present state of our society. Do we euthanize them, deliver the coup de grâce, end their miseries, or do what’s in our power to bring them back to life and give them a new sense of purpose? Would rejuvenating them bring back at least a fragment of what they used to mean to us, that we miss so much today?