Camping Paraíso** – About dying – dir. Daniel Schüßler

Original Film Title: Camping Paraíso** Über das Sterben

Director’s Name: Daniel Schüßler

Writer’s Name: Dirk Roß

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany, Netherlands

Language: German

Runtime: 45 minutes

Film Description:

In 2020, the Essen-based comedy writer Dirk Roß experienced an accident with serious consequences: he was on his scooter and an SUV took the right of way. Weeks and months of fighting for life and death followed. ANALOG accompanies Dirk Roß through the course of his fight for survival, traces the process of hovering between life and death and the persistence in intermediate worlds. Texts developed from interviews create scenic, choreographic and musical arrangements of restlessness and in-between worlds and become condensed into an abstract film level.

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