《Elves of Taiwan》 Taiwan Grass Owls: The rarest and endemic hermits in the grasslands – dir. Shin-I Pai

Original Film Title: 《台灣的精靈》 台灣草鴞:台灣最稀少瀕危的神隱精靈

Director’s Name: Shin-I Pai

Producer’s Name: Marina Shin-I Pai

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming:

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 49 minutes

Film Description:

he production crew of “Elves of Taiwan” partakes in perhaps the most difficult animal rescue operations in line with conservation efforts and the most dignified science-based survey projects. The program unveils diversified local landscapes and endemic species completed by various angles and perspectives—from aerial rescues, ocean investigations, to underground bone excavations; it is indeed a brutally honest series that documents the conservation and restoration of the terrestrial, oceanic, and airborne endemic species in Taiwan.
In the Southwestern badlands in Taiwan, there is a very mysterious owl of terrestrial habitats, the Taiwan grass owls, and as of today, scientists are still unable to decipher its whereabouts and behaviors. Against all odds, the production team followed up all kinds of clues for two years— from bird net rescues, follow-up research, to nocturnal studies— and is finally able to present the stirring life story of these aerial elves of Taiwan as they face the changes and destructions in their habitats.

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