Filled Vacuum – dir. Yotam Giustizia

Original Film Title: Filled Vacuum

Director’s Name: Yotam Giustizia

Writer’s Name: Yotam Giustizia

Producer’s Name: Yotam Giustizia

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: English, Hebrew

Runtime: 16 minutes 57 seconds

Film Description:

A son in his 30’s returns home in order to interview his mother about her life choices for the final project of his academic degree.
His goal is to try and “assemble”, through the art of cinema, the human puzzle that is his mother’s traumatic past, ever-changing present, and a future he must deal with.
In this experimental journal, he constructs his mother’s life story while trying to answer his deep-rooted questions and worrying thoughts that are driven by the aging process of his mother.

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