Margaritki – dir. Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Original Film Title: Margaritki

Director’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Writer’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Producer’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: Russian Federation

Runtime: 9 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

A surreal world of women existing in a confined space, in a closed community, in the absolute “here”. All events and actions are looped, tomorrow there will be a New day, a new dedicated, a new rebel, a new outcast. Self-preservation. Desire for approval. Leadership versus friendship. Follow the crowd and their wild will or be out of the circle. System or death.

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