Original Film Title: BEAUTIPHUL

English Film Title: BEAUTIPHUL

Directors Name: Missy Jubilee

Writers Name: Missy Jubilee

Producer: Missy Jubilee

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Australia

Language: English

Runtime:  14.49

Film Description: 

Walking on the Viennese cracks in the pavement, back to the stomping ground of 1999. The timestamps of a lived life created demarcation points in my sexual history. This was one of them
When I  impersonated comforted food, because according to April, the person, not the month, I was safe to eat, I was consumable. And I was approved by the Codex Alimentarius

Margaritki – dir. Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Original Film Title: Margaritki

Director’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Writer’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Producer’s Name: Анастасия Васильевна Вядро

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Country of Filming: Russian Federation

Runtime: 9 minutes 47 seconds

Film Description:

A surreal world of women existing in a confined space, in a closed community, in the absolute “here”. All events and actions are looped, tomorrow there will be a New day, a new dedicated, a new rebel, a new outcast. Self-preservation. Desire for approval. Leadership versus friendship. Follow the crowd and their wild will or be out of the circle. System or death.

Disfruté – dir. Igor Selingarde

Original Film Title: Disfruté

Director’s Name: Igor Selingarde

Writer’s Name: Igor Selingarde

Producer’s Name: Murilo Paiva

Country of Origin: Brazil

Country of Filming: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 5 minutes 48 seconds

Film Description:

Would absolute love be what everyone seeks all the time?
On this episode of Sophie’s life we see how her mind behaves in anonymous relationships, caught up in this psychic spiral of “who am I”. This vicious cycle of seduction and domination, asphyxiated by feelings of passion and doubt, threatens her mental health through the unceasing search for “Disfruté”.

Voyeur Secrets – dir. Maiya Kenick

Original Film Title: Voyeur Secrets

Director’s Name: Maiya Kenick

Writer’s Name: Maiya Kenick

Producer’s Name: Maiya Kenick

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: United States

Runtime: 6 minutes 48 seconds

Film Description:

A secret not to be shared.