Camino de SANGJARU – dir. Park Cheolwoo

Original Film Title: 상자루의 길

Director’s Name: Park Cheolwoo

Writer’s Name: Park Cheolwoo

Producer’s Name: Lee Jeongsoo, Park Cheolwoo

Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of

Country of Filming: France, Korea, Republic of, Portugal, Spain

Language: English, Korean

Runtime: 2 hours 40 seconds

Film Description:

Sangjaru, a band that created music based on tradition. The name comes from the words ‘sangja (box)’ and ‘jaru (sack)’. It is meant to show that they are putting sack-like flexible elements, such as composition, inside a rigid box of tradition. But as time passed, shape of the sangja, which was the basis of the team, became unclear, and the boundaries of tradition seemed vague even when composing.

After some time wandering, Sangjaru decided to leave Korea, where preservation of tradition is considered important, and ponder about their music in a different environment. Thus, they go on a ‘Camino de Santiago busking project’.

Will they find the shape of the sangja at Camino de Santiago?

If they find the shape of the sangja, will they find ‘Camino de Sangjaru’?

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