A Night at the Organ – dir. David N. Stamos

Original Film Title: A Night at the Organ

Director’s Name: David N. Stamos

Writer’s Name: David N. Stamos

Producer’s Name: David N. Stamos

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Runtime: 26 minutes 53 seconds

Film Description:

This is a tribute to the “king of instruments,” which involves much that is related to it, including death and mourning, spiritualism, horror, religion, philosophy, science, and, of course, art and architecture. The film is quite varied, both in images and music. The meaning of each of the eight pieces themselves, moreover, and of the film as a whole, is highly ambiguous. Viewers, I suspect, will tend to project their own meanings onto what they see and hear, depending on their background knowledge and beliefs (or lack thereof). In this case, once again, art reflects life.

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