A Spread – dir. Cui Yuchen

Original Film Title: A Spread

Director’s Name: Cui Yuchen

Writer’s Name: Cui Yuchen, Chen Ying, Wang Qian

Producer’s Name: Cui Yuchen Meng Ziwei

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 8 minutes 7 seconds

Film Description:

After the quarantine was lifted, the daughter visited her father and had lunch with him. She revealed to her father the nightmare she had always had recently: dreaming that she had a younger sister. But her father said that she was thinking too much. The daughter was not reconciled, and after a few questions, the father recalled the past: After witnessing her mother’s suicide, the daughter suffered from mental illness and produced many unrealistic “illusions”. After the daughter left his house, the father turned over some well-hidden photos. There were indeed a pair of twins in the photo……

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