VANAh {The Firm} – dir. Kasper Christiansen

Original Film Title: VANAh {The Firm}

English Film Title: VANAh {The Firm}

Directors Name: Kasper Christiansen

Writers Name: Kasper Christiansen

Producers: Kasper Christiansen

Country of Origin: Denmark

Country of Filming: Denmark

Language: Danish

Runtime: 22 minutes 50 seconds

Film Description: When society and the technology that drives it moves into the future, what happens to those of us who remain stuck in the past?

When personality and privacy become worthless, and your only currency is your brain, body and data? And do these questions even matter when you can upload your relatives’ minds to microwave-ovens or genetically engineer the perfect potato?

Follow two people wrestling with these ideas in this art-film with a hint of science-fiction and dark comedy.

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