Unforgattable – dir. Junki Tachibana

Original Film Title: 忘れられない

English Film Title: Unforgattable

Directors Name: Junki Tachibana

Writers Name: Junki Tachibana

Producers: Ryosuke Yamashita

Country of Origin: Japan

Country of Filming: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 21 minutes 20 seconds

Film Description: A story of two brothers.

The protagonist, Shinji, has led an unhappy life due to his criminal brother.

As his brother is about to be released from prison, Shinji is worried about how to deal with his brother in the future.

His fiancée, his mother who is trying to break off her relationship with his brother, and people who knew the two of them when they were children are all part of Shinji’s complicated environment.

As his life progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to control the memories and thoughts that he wants to forget but cannot.