The Red Pearl Queen – dir. Miguel Ángel Romero Yepes

Original Film Title: The Red Pearl Queen

English Film Title: The Red Pearl Queen

Directors Name: Miguel Ángel Romero Yepes

Writers Name: Miguel Ángel Romero Yepes 

Producers: Daniel Villanueva

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: Spain

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 13 minutes 13 secondsFilm Description: Valentín is the regent of the Lollipop Cabaret and is rehearsing with his son Red. Valentín’s sole purpose is to give his wife one last show in gratitude for his entire career. Red realizes what he wants and does not like what he is doing. He considers that it will not do any good since Olvido, a couple of weeks ago, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Red is quite touched by his mother’s illness and also because she herself decided to go to a residence.

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