The Jellyfish’s Blood – dir. Florence Toumieux

Original Film Title: Le Sang de la Méduse

English Film Title: The Jellyfish’s Blood

Directors Name: Florence Toumieux

Writers Name: Florence Toumieux, Jean-Marie Roth

Producers: Éric Clémenceau – Amona Production

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: France

Language: French

Runtime: 14 minutes

Film Description: The film opens on a Time magazine interview of Dr Vincent Dubreuil, recently awarded a Nobel prize and acclaimed worldwide for his recent revolutionary findings on the gene responsible for aging. This gene, derived from the DNA of a self-regenerating jellyfish, could theoretically allow rejuvenation of other more complex living organisms.

Several details then intrigue Rebecca, the Time journalist. Why was Dr Dubreuil not known from the scientific community until recently? And how intriguing that his research team seems to only consist of him and his young and beautiful assistant Edwige.

One can rightfully ask: Has Dr Dubreuil already opened a way for humans to reach immortality in the near future? and if Dr Dubreuil’s research seems fundamental and determinant, why is the Time journalist so unsatisfied by Dr Dubreuil’s answers? What is she really looking for?

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