Tasteless- dir. Amnon Carmi

Original Film Title: Tasteless

English Film Title: Tasteless

Directors Name: Amnon Carmi

Writers Name: Amnon Carmi

Producers: Amnon Carmi

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: English

Runtime: 18 minutes 35 seconds

Film Description: It’s a tense night in the kitchen of Tastebud, a critically acclaimed restaurant in Tel Aviv. Chefs work through sweat and stress like a well-oiled machine, yet anxiety grips the sous chef, Daniel, as he waits for someone. The kitchen backdoor slams shut, and everyone stares as Louisa, young executive chef of the restaurant, stumbles in. She is freshly out of COVID-19 quarantine. She begins to abuse one of her chefs, claiming that a sauce has no flavor. She is interrupted by her head waiter, who informs here that a table is sending their compliments for the very same dish she is criticizing. Confused, Louisa goes to the table and thanks the diners, then offers to take their plates. Before entering the kitchen, Louis surreptitiously tastes the sauce remnants on the plate. Her sense of taste is gone. She runs outside where she has a panic attack.

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