MOLOTOV- dir. Ariel Semmel

Original Film Title: מולוטוב

English Film Title: MOLOTOV

Directors Name: Ariel Semmel

Writers Name: Ariel Semmel

Producers: Ariel Semmel

Country of Origin: Israel

Country of Filming: Israel

Language: Hebrew

Runtime: 29 minutesFilm Description: Israel 2021, a flood of riots filled the streets. The police brutally fight civilians. “Molotov” is a story about Ariel Semmel, a film Director and political activist who finds himself hunted by the police. He is arrested in a riot, the police later burst into his house without a warrant, only to arrest his girlfriend. In an attempt to fully understand this new reality, Ariel meets with a top notch lawyer, hospital manager, and a mentalist. Every one of these encounters helps Ariel have a deeper understanding of how the Israeli democracy is crumbling. Ariel’s opinions turns radical and consequently, he joins an underground brigade that attacks the police.

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