LOVE LABORATORY – dir. Muchao Wang & Fangmin Wang

Original Film Title: 真爱实验室

English Film Title: LOVE LABORATORY

Directors Name: Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang

Writers Name: Xiaoliang Zhang

Producers: Xiaoliang Zhang

Country of Origin: China

Country of Filming: China

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes 41 secondsFilm Description: Countless people have defined true love, but there is no convincing version. The true love detection of true love laboratory is based on the latest neuroscience research. It uses scientific methods to explore the true meaning of true love and provides true love detection for all living beings. Wang Yi, who suffered from the double crisis of love and career, tried to save love and win millions of prize money by cheating on drugs through the true love test. Unexpectedly, he fell into a bigger crisis. Especially the return of Wu Xiaomin, the first love, makes the relationship between Wang Yi and Lu Ting and the truth behind the true love detection more complicated.

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