DRNISKI PRSUT- dir.  Tony Marin

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Original Film Title: DRNISKI PRSUT

English Film Title: DRNISKI PRSUT

Directors Name: Tony Marin 

Writers Name: Tony Marin

Producers: Tony Marin

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Filming: Croatia

Language: Croatian

Runtime: 27 minutesFilm Description: Against the backdrop of a medieval Croatian village unfolds the story of Drniski Prsut, a world renowned prosciutto produced from locally raised and fed stock and cured using a centuries old recipe. Drniski Prsut tells the history of this picturesque town through its people and their relationship to this famed delicacy; from the unique micro-climate which provides the drying conditions essential for its legendary aroma, to the political and cultural influences which have shaped its flavour and reputation.

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