Dear Dimi – dir. Ignatios Manolopoulos

Original Film Title: Lieber Dimi

English Film Title: Dear Dimi

Directors Name: Ignatios Manolopoulos

Writers Name: Ignatios Manolopoulos

Producers: Ignatios Manolopoulos, Vanessa Grgic

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: German

Runtime: 25 minutesFilm Description: Janni’s father took his life a couple of years ago. He lies about it to his little sister Laura who then, like him, became an orphan. Years later he is struggling to provide for the both of them while raising Laura in their run-down family home. After his facade breaks, because of a corpse in the forrest, he must confront his repressed memories all the while trying to find an answer to Laura’s increasing questions.

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