Company Culture – dir. Ran Zhang

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Original Film Title: Company Culture

English Film Title: Company Culture

Directors Name: Ran Zhang

Producers: Wallas Lin

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Country of Filming: Hong Kong

Language: Yue Chinese (Cantonese)

Runtime: 6 minutes 41 secondsFilm Description: The Company Tattoo, a tattoo parlor location in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, is a well established studio holding a reputation for unique styles and refined techniques. The studio is decorated with unique art pieces and designs from around the world, mostly as gifts from other artists in the industry. As a subculture which has only recently been more widely accepted into the public’s eye in many cultures, Vince Yue, the studio’s owner speaks on his journey as a tattoo artist and the values that have held true for him in reaching the stage of his career today. Our story recounts Vince’s origins and his initial inspiration for the craft. As we travel through his reflections of the trials and tribulations of his past, we reach the studio in the present day where he muses on the importance of persistence, passion and sacrifice in the shaping of the culture of creative work shared by the artists of The Company Tattoo.

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