Color Me Jane- dir. Mary Darling

Original Film Title: Color Me Jane

English Film Title: Color Me Jane

Directors Name: Mary Darling

Writers Name: Elisa McRae

Producers: Mary Darling

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Language: English

Runtime: 9 minutesFilm Description:  JANE, a spunky disfigured high school counsellor, finds a gaping hole of suck in her life after her bff, DANA, gets married and leaves on her honeymoon. Jane’s consolation: the honour of dog-sitting Dana’s hyperactive mutt, COLGATE. In return for Colgate’s colour-blind, unwavering love, she takes him to the dog park, even in the rainy autumn, which is where she meets TREVOR, a goofily charming drummer with a dog named DEVO. For reasons which baffle Jane, Trevor seems attracted to her. Luckily, she has work to keep her tethered to the real world and at school she finds herself contending with a new transfer student, DOVE, who has been disfigured in a fire and patently refuses to drink Jane’s “you are not a victim kool-aid.”

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