When Titans Clash: Pride and Shame- dir. Pearl Forss

Original Film Title: When Titans Clash: Pride and Shame

English Film Title: When Titans Clash: Pride and Shame

Directors Name: Pearl Forss

Writers Name: 

Producers: Helen Lu, Zhou Feng, Shirley Leung, Nilanjan Neil Lahiri, Joe Serkoch

Country of Origin: Singapore

Country of Filming: China

Language: English 

Runtime: 49 minutes 31 seconds

Film Description: US China relations are at its worst in modern history. How are the historical forces of pride and shame driving the conflict? Understand China’s Century of Humiliation and discover how poverty in America is invoking anti-China public sentiment. As ties worsen, we discover communities in disarray, companies on the brink and countries compelled to thread a tightrope.

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