RADIO TAXI 1991 – Night Shift in Berlin (West)- dir. Steffen Holzkamp

Original Film Title: Funktaxe 1991 – Nachtschicht durch Berlin (West)

English Film Title: RADIO TAXI 1991 – Night Shift in Berlin (West)

Directors Name: Steffen Holzkamp

Producers: Steffen Holzkamp

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Germany

Language: German

Runtime: 45 minutes

Film Description: 1991: Summer in West Berlin

Filming while driving? “Actually that is a big no-no, but the passengers didn’t mind at all.”

The young taxi driver casually experiments with a video camera – films and comments what is happening around him. Spontaneous, raw and authentic.

1991: Year one after reunification. Kohl as all-German federal chancellor and the West Berlin taxi driver as a stranger in his own city – which suddenly doubled in size!

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