#KidsOnTech- dir. Paul Zehrer

Original Film Title: #KidsOnTech

English Film Title: #KidsOnTech

Directors Name: Paul Zehrer

Writers Name: Paul Zehrer

Producers: Paul Zehrer, Eric M Ivey

Country of Origin: United States

Country of Filming: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Switzerland, United States

Language: Bengali, English, German, Mandarin Chinese

Runtime: 54 minutes

Film Description: Parents and teachers around the world struggle with their kids’ dependence on devices today. As Covid has forced our kids to rely on technology more than ever, “#KidsOnTech” looks at the impact on children’s developing bodies and brains, and asks: “How might we better prepare our kids for this digital world?” Voices from India to the U.S., France to China, Mexico to Japan explore what children need to truly excel in a future dominated by tech, including a Google designer, a German brain scientist, and New York Times journalist, Matt Richtel, whose story on a Silicon Valley school created an international media frenzy.

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