Kaala Teeka – dir. Jahnvi Mody

Original Film Title: Kaala Teeka

English Film Title: Kaala Teeka

Directors Name: Jahnvi Mody

Writers Name: Jahnvi Mody

Producers: Jahnvi Mody

Country of Origin: India

Country of Filming: India

Language: Hindi

Runtime: 17 minutes 47 secondsFilm Description: What will be left of a society if it cannot fathom and remains oblivious of the dangers approaching a child hidden under the garb of a relationship? If no heed is paid to child’s emotional need, and we fail to protect ‘innocence’ – the dark circle of shame and guilt will engulf us sooner than we can even think of it. Kaala Teeka* is a story of two young girls, Shikha and Poorvi, who are similar in body and spirit but are growing up in distinctly different domestic environments. They each have unpleasant encounters, but their reactions to the episode forewarns us about the people they are becoming. Are we listening to them? Are we as parents and guardians preparing them to face the real dangers lurking in the outside world?

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