Inner Front- dir. Guido Acampa

Original Film Title: il Fronte Interno

English Film Title: Inner Front

Directors Name: Guido Acampa

Writers Name: Guido Acampa

Producers: Lapej s.r.l.

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Language: Italian

Runtime: 1 hour 17 minutes 10 secondsFilm Description: “Santa Mira” is an imaginary city. After the advance of jihadist groups on the Italian coasts, the bombers take off from its military base towards Iraq to stem ISIS danger. The city of invaders is described as a community invaded by resignation. A tight twine of characters struggling with their own demons focuses on the contradictions of a community that descends inexorably towards oblivion and the imminence of a danger linked not only to international balances but – above all – to those internal ones that will overwhelm the whole community.

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