The Whisper of the Marimba – dir. Greta-Marie Becker

Original Film Title: El murmullo de la marimba

English Film Title: The Whisper of the Marimba

Directors Name: Greta-Marie Becker

Writers Name: Greta-Marie Becker

Producers: Greta-Marie Becker

Country of Origin: Germany

Country of Filming: Ecuador

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 1 hour 19 minutes 10 seconds

Film Description: 

The marimba is the bridge between Africa and Latin America. The sound of the wooden xylophone connects the present-day life on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast with its African roots. Hundreds of years ago, the marimba music came to Ecuador across the sea. Stormy drum rhythms and the gentle, undulating melodies remind us of the violence experienced during slave trade and colonial rule and also tell the story of the centuries-old musical resistance of the Afro-Ecuadorian community. In 2015 the marimba music has been declared as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
“The Whisper of the Marimba” portrays three generations of musicians who lay bare their worries and dreams as well as their unshakable trust in the power of art and music to nurture their identity and community. A story of losing memory and rewriting history…

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