THE DEAD, THE DAY AFTER – dir. Asio LIU Chihsiung

Original Film Title: 次日死者 (Tzu Jih Ssu Che)

English Film Title: THE DEAD, THE DAY AFTER

Directors Name: Asio LIU Chihsiung

Writers Name: Pen Hsiung HSIAO, Liang Yin KUO

Producers: Asio LIU Chihsiung, Awei LIU

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Country of Filming: Taiwan

Language: Chinese

Runtime: 50 minutes 30 seconds

Film Description: 

Shot somewhere at the beginning of this century, this outdated and reincarnated low definition DV documented scenes in a slaughterhouse.

Under the market system operated for hundreds of years, pork, human flesh, and different kinds, are connected and interrelated, which becomes the political-economic theme of this issue gets weak and obscure. 

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