Rán – dir. Fjolnir Baldursson, Baldur Smári Ólafsson & DOP Baldur Páll Hólmgeirsson

Original Film Title: Rán

Directors Name: Fjolnir Baldursson, Baldur Smári Ólafsson

Writers Name: Fjölnir Már Baldursson, Baldur Smári Ólafsson

Director of Photography: Baldur Páll Hólmgeirsson

Producers: Fjölnir Már Baldursson

Country of Origin: Iceland

Country of Filming: Iceland

Language: Icelandic

Runtime: 22 minutes 1 second

Film Description: 

The film is about the 20 year old Gunnar who lives in a small town. His girlfriend asks him to pick her up at work from a nearby village and he tries to borrow his father’s luxury car. When his father refuses, he decides to steal it with a little help from his brother.

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