Imperceptible – dir. Gonzalo Alfonso Miralles Escudero, Raimundo Arrau Hiriart

Original Film Title: Imperceptible

Directors Name: Gonzalo Alfonso Miralles Escudero, Raimundo Arrau Hiriart

Producers: Raimundo  Arrau

Country of Origin: Chile

Country of Filming: Chile

Language: No dialogue

Runtime: 2 minutes

Film Description: 

Imperceptibles’ is a short film about an artistic installation carried out by the artist Gonzalo Miralles in a colonial garden in Santiago, Chile (2019).
Amidst myrtles and rosebushes, the artist installed more than 500 ready-made porcelain hand molds. The molds were taken from discarded gloves from the surgical glove industry. The choice of materials was not random, nor was the insistence that the artist placed on them. Miralles has already carried out previous research through porcelain matrices. The hands are an allegory of the industriousness, vulnerability, and marginality of the human being. Because of their quantity and their location, they remind us of a manufacturing process.
The film tells the story – or a kind of dream – of the work on display. The hands as arranged in the garden witnessed the ephemeral lives of the flowers for four months. There is an exquisite irony in documenting these discarded hand matrices in a flowering colonial garden. The film challenges the audience, by confronting the cyclical life of the flowers with the reiterative and serial manufacturing process of surgical gloves.

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